Lost In Transition.

What do you do if you arrive in a city that you do not know at night? Where would you sleep if you had no money and you do not speak the country`s language?
Thousands of so called "refugees in transition" arrived in Hamburg in 2015 in the middle of the night. Every night.
They have to go on heading for relatives or families in other places or countries. But they are stuck at the train stations if there is no train leaving at night.
In Hamburg some local institutions offer night shelters for those stranded people. The local art hall (Hamburger Kunsthalle), the state theater (Staatstheater) or the Al-Nour Mosque offer voluntary a warm and dry place to sleep.
There is a donated warm meal to be eaten in the mosques prayers hall - the same place where to sleep later on.

Volunteers in Hamburg organize the accommodation. So no one gets lost in transition.

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